I wanna rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
Then magnificently we will float
Into the mystic

Into the Mystic - Van Morrison

SINGING INTO THE MYSTIC MACHU PICHU is a journey that looks to access, through singing to the Indigenous Inca Culture and its worldview of the world and the dazzling nature that surrounds it. 


As the mystic seeks to transcend ordinary human knowledge or seeks unity with a or an absolute, we will seek to touch part of this ancestral indigenous cultures that is dedicated to a world beyond the mundane. The connective tissue, as with all Sound Tracks programs, will be singing and music. 


This trip to the mysticism of the indigenous cultures of South America.

These lands, also called the West Indies, house a unique culture that honors magnificent nature with the mysticism of its celebratory songs.


Our immersion in the ancestral Inca culture begins in the jungles of the Amazon of Chiquitos, touring a handful of ancient villages where the musical culture of the original peoples of this region will bury us for its delicacy, virtue and the beauty of its people. We will then cross the Inca roads to the north, passing through the colonial city of Potosí, a festive and mourning city, of carnival sounds and crying where dance and music paint a small colonial dream city on the tops of the Andes; From there we will depart to the eclectic and colorful of La Paz, a unique city in the world for its ethnic wealth and for the colors, its churches, the aromas of its meals and the sounds of its small streets. The great Titicaca lake is an unavoidable event and without a doubt an unforgettable milestone in our trip, there was born the Inca empire and its mystical understanding of the surrounding universe, that empire that would later be deployed across the continent. The Titicaca dazzles with its importance - a large / small sea in the heights - it is a dream enclave where the sound of the instruments dialogues with the winds and the songs are eternal as their landscapes that shake. Finally, the road takes us to the Imperial city of Cuzco, within the Inca empire, magnificent, unique city in the world. in Cuzco we will sing in ancestral indigenous temples and imposing colonial churches, in its cobbled streets with its people and its colorful and fervent markets.


Everything lived until then prepares us to be able to interfere through the sacred valley to arrive, through the jungles of the high Amazon to the magical city of Machu Picchu. The ancient annals say that the citadel of Machu Pichu is one of the most powerful energy vortexes on earth, and that the Inca songs in Quechua language awaken the sleeping snake and revive the energy that emerges from the monolith “Intihuatana” -place where the sun god was tied. That is where the Inca mystical heritage, the eternal Inca song, and its spirituality based on the love of nature are combined.

Santiago, an Italian born in Argentina, spent his early adulthood training in the monastic tradition at the Taize Monastery in France, while leading the monastery choir. During that time, he lived under the guidance of old monks and of the founder of the Taize tradition - Brother Roger. Later, while a Catholic noviciate in Buenos Aires, he led a community that focused on the search for spiritual experience through the practice of the arts and singing and the contemplation of beauty. There Santiago studied theology and performed sacred music for many years in different Argentinian Diocesis, also under the advice of Cardinal Bergoglio, who went onto become the current Pope Francis.  After leaving the seminary, and with a Master degree in Orchestra and Choir Conduction and Philosophy, and a PhD in Hinduist and Buddhist Aesthetics and Philosophy, Santiago left to work documenting the music of the natives in the Amazon, and lived 3 years with them. Santiago's passion for scholarship, for the mystical journey and his love of music and the creative process make him the perfect leader for such an esoteric and profoundly ambitious journey.  

Santiago is the creator and artistic director of the acclaimed Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival in Goa, while currently holding the Anthony Gonsalves Chair as Visiting Research Professor at the Goa University in India. He has conducted choirs and orchestras, professional and amateurs, around the world throughout more than 400 concerts and performances in four continents, and led music tours in several countries, from the Amazonas Rain Forest to Leipzig-Germany (J.S. Bach's city); and from Peruvian Machu Pichu to the Indian Himalayas. He is also a composer who has premiered and published sacred choral music exploring the links between Western Choral music and the mystics of the south American indigenouscultures.Who better to guide us into India's extraordinary culture? Santiago's informed commentary will give meaning and context to our experience. His contacts with the Inca´s descendant’s will be just as valuable, providing an opportunity to touch another world, surely the purpose of true travel. Each day he will lead us in singing and chants that access the indigenous music and cultural tradition.


The Inca culture, and those that populated the northern Amazon valley and the heights of the Puna are fundamentally celebratory cultures, which honored nature with the beauty of its songs, its dance and its colorful clothes. Perhaps there is no better way to enter this ancestral culture than through its songs and its music, because in them lies the essence of its worldview and its living in harmony and harmony with nature. In these lands the imposing nature and the indigenous enclaves emanate an eternal face that is tied to the ancestral. Indigenous people have believed since ancient times that the sound of their songs is not tied to time or space, but to the inexpressible and the immutable, the eternal. Indigenous mysticism has the eternal face of indigenous culture and nature. We will walk, sing and dialogue with them, and perhaps their faces allow us to glimpse the ineffable of their ancient heritage.

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