The Desert Journey


Anders Nyberg

Winter - 2021

An epic choral journey into the heart of Australia with choir director Anders Nyberg, co-writer of the hit Swedish movie - As It Is In Heaven.


Over the past year Anders Nyberg and Raymond have been methodically designing a program that journeys into the centre of Australia. We travel not just to the heart of Australia but to the heart of things, of nature, of people and of history. 


Anders is conductor, composer, poet, walker and an Oscars-nominated script-writer as co-writer of the seminal Swedish movie - As It Is In Heaven. His bio is reproduced in full below, but it is relevant in this journey into Aboriginal Australia that Anders has worked for decades with African communities to foster equality and understanding between cultures.

As It is In Heaven is designed for Scandinavians or people who identify as having Scandinavian heritage. With a repertoire that includes folk music from Scandinavia this event will be a journey back into the roots of that tradition, even as we travel into the culture of the world’s oldest living civilization, the Australian Aboriginal. 

As It Is In Heaven is a multi-dimensional experience as we sing in remote landscapes and Aboriginal communties, as well performing in outback towns and remote communities. The trading of cultural songs sits perfectly within the Aboriginal mindset.

Like the movie - As It is in Heaven - this journey will be driven by themes of human experience. Even among the awesome landscapes of Lake Eyre, Uluru, the Flinders Ranges and the West Macdonald Ranges, it will be the interaction with people who live in these extraordinary enviroments that will be the most powerful. 

FOR AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALANDERS who wish to sing with Anders we will be running a joint program with Anders and Tony Backhouse called THE EPHEMERAL CHOIR, a week long exploration of singing situated in the World Heritage Blue Mountains. 

The inaugural EPHEMERAL CHOIR is planned as a deep experience of music and singing. Apart from singing with two of the worlds great choir directors there will be masterclasses with notable academics on the values and power and history of singing. Natutrally Anders will introduce a private screening of As it is in Heaven, with the inside story that only a co-writer can bring. 


Based in a beautiful 4 star hotel we will explore the mountains and sing in beautiful places, before a one-off performance in a place of profound beauty, creating a piece of ephemeral art as all this creative energy comes together, just for that moment in time, never to be repeated.




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